# Welcome I am a Chief Financial Officer at a small general contracting company in southwest Virginia. I care about good financial management in the construction industry, developing as a professional and a leader, and personal productivity strategies. More importantly, I am a Christian. My tradition of faith (based on the word of God) is firmly rooted in 17th century Scottish Presbyterian (Covenanter) theology. This guides my thought not only in religion, but relationships, politics, and any other area of life. Men of principle are lacking in the modern age, and our focus must be continually turned to the only source of truth in the world, the revelation of Jesus Christ. >[!quote] James Renwick >Ye that are the people of God, do not weary in maintaining the testimony of the day, in your stations and places; and whatever ye do, make sure an interest in Christ, for there is a storm coming that shall try your foundation. This site is made with markdown text files in [Obsidian](https://obsidian.md/). # Site Navigation Guide Underlined text like this: [[Home]], are internal links to other pages. If a page is linked but not available yet, the link will be a dulled color, like this: [[Page]]. Hovering over a page link will display a preview of the page content. Underlined text with a small box and an arrow next to it like this: [christianherring](https://christianherring.com), are external links that will take you away from the site. On smaller screens, the "hamburger" menu at the top left (the icon with three lines stacked on top of one another) is the site navigation menu. Posts are sorted into folders by category and are searchable. On larger screens, the **Interactive Graph** on the top right is a visualization of how documents in the site are connected to one another (if any connection is available). Also on larger screens, the **On This Page** section on the right is an outline of the headings and sections on the page (if available).